Apply for the 2020 Emerging Artist Award

Emerging Artist Award applications are now open. Submit applications by midnight February 23, 2020

Preparing your application:

1. Set up your online account.

2. Upload your material.

3. Direct your appraisers to submit their confidential appraisals at the same site.

Artists Apply Here        Appraisals Submit Here

Complete online applications will include the following:

  • Your contact information and field of artistic endeavour
  • Brief description of your development as an artist
  • Brief description of your short-term artistic goals
  • Brief description of how the award money will help you achieve your artistic goals
  • Two expert appraisals of your work and assessment of your potential as an artist*
  • CV or resume and a description of your work to a maximum of three pages
  • Work samples
    • Writing samples of no more than 20 pages, single sided, double-spaced
    • A maximum of 10 visual images
    • Sound and video samples, five minutes or less total playing time

Please send your appraisers the link and ask them to complete the confidential online form.  Appraisals from two experts in a position to provide a candid assessment of your accomplishments and artistic potential are required. Established artists, artistic directors, producers, educators and other artistic leaders who are not related to you by birth or marriage, nor employed by the applicant, are eligible to serve as appraisers.