2012 – Naomi Brand

Naomi BrandNaomi Brand reaches audiences at a visceral and visual level in her solo and duet choreography. “My choreographic work probes the human and interpersonal through a physical vocabulary that navigates the extremes of closeness and isolation. I aim to make dance that speaks to the contemporary predicament of finding both inclusion and individuality in a crowded world.”

The adjudicators describe her as a “compelling performer, strong personal aesthetic, go-getting attitude.”

Brand completed her formal dance training at the University of Calgary with a BA in dance and an MFA in drama. She has since trained and performed across North America as well as in Uruguay, Poland and Finland.

She has performed the works of many top choreographers and has presented her own dance pieces in numerous local and international festivals. Brand is co-founder of Calgary Contemporary Dance Collective, a not-for-profit organization supporting the artistic development of the city’s dance artists.

She has instructed in the Dance Department at the University of Calgary since 2007, writes for The Dance Current and is the Artistic Associate of MoMo Mixed Ability Dance Theatre.